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Quality Assurance

AppyAds advertisers expect their campaigns to be published on platforms which adhere to high standards of quality. As such, the AppyAds system strives to ensure that quality by combining automated and manual review processes.  If these processes detect sub-par platforms, those platforms may be handicapped or removed from the AppyAds system altogether.

When a platform is handicapped, ads will still display as normal, but since the advertisers cannot be charged, hosting credits cannot be awarded. Therefore, please take care to ensure the hosting platforms which you host adhere the following guidelines.

Content Ratios

If the web page on which the AppyAds campaign is embedded has too high of any of the following ratios, the site’s domain will be handicapped:

  • Ads to content ratio – pages that contain a high number of ads in relation to the actual content on the page will negatively affect the domain’s handicap.
    • Note that for mobile apps, there should only be one ad view per device screen.
  • Hidden content to visible content ratio – pages that have too much hidden content will negatively affect the domain’s handicap.
  • Links to content ratio – pages that have too many hyperlinks in relation to the actual data will negatively affect the domain’s handicap.

Web-bot Ratios

It is normal for websites to be hit with web crawlers and web-bots, as these are mechanisms with which sites get listed in search engines and content/functionality is verified.  However, since web-bot traffic cannot be counted as actual users or potential customers, advertisers cannot be charged. Therefore, if the system detects that a web platform has a high degree of web-bot traffic in relation to actual user traffic, the domain’s handicap will be negatively affected.


In general, please make sure your platforms are serving the internet in a positive way. It is the opinion of AppyAds that click-through or click-bait platforms do more harm than good and do not correspond to our advertising clients’ campaign standards.

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