Adding the AppyAds Token to your Ethereum Wallet

When someone wants to send AppyAds tokens to someone else, they use the recipient’s Ethereum address as the target wallet address. Depending on the wallet being used, the balance of AppyAds tokens may not be visible within the wallet. Some wallets require you to first enter some details about the token before it can scan the blockchain for the token balance.

You can add the AppyAds Token to your Ethereum wallet so that it will always show you your token balance. There should be an option within your wallet to Add Token or Add Custom Token. From there, you will need to enter the following details regarding the AppyAds Token:

Contract Address: 0x3bb8aabab0551b6bc30501a49309ef7b45e3066d
Name: AppyAds Token
Decimals: 8

Once these details are submitted, your wallet should automatically update and show you your AppyAds token balance. Note that most wallets will automatically remember this so you don’t have to do it every time you open your wallet.