Let's Get Back to Honest Advertising

AppyAds is a non-intrusive, user-friendly advertising platform for mobile apps & websites.
AppyAds believes in the right of every citizen to keep their activities private.
The AppyAds platform is non-invasive & DOES NOT track or store any personal information.

For Advertisers...

Expand your customer base with AppyAds!

Mobile Applications

By pushing ads to applications running on mobile phones, marketing campaigns extend their audiences and increase their potential for growth.


Readers of various websites become potential customers when they view and click on AppyAds.

Worldwide Coverage

Target audiences all over the world.

Content Control

Upload your content and control the size, shape, sequence and animation which drives the campaign.

Monitor & Track

Monitor the progress and success of your advertising campaigns with AppyAds interactive performance charts, showing views and clicks by potential customers.

Payment Options
AppyAds are an affordable alternative for your advertising needs. You can receive publishing credits by exchanging other crypto-currencies.

For Application & Website Owners...

Get APPY tokens for showing AppyAds!

Earn Income
Earn AppyAds (APPY) tokens by allowing AppyAds to be published on your platforms. Read more about how it works.
Custom Design

Build your own custom ads and let AppyAds host them. Create multiple advertising campaigns, upload images and refine ad flows using AppyAds online campaign editor tools.

Flexible Publishing

You can restrict your ads to be shown on only your own applications and websites, or register your ads to be shown on platforms owned by others.

Learn More...

Learn more about the AppyAds platform.


AppyAds documentation is available to help you create & manage your advertising campaigns.

Website Embedding

See how easy it to embed AppyAds into any website.

Android Library

Easily integrate AppyAds with your application using the AppyAds library. Simply include the library into your Android Studio project as described in our document section.