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Publishing & Hosting Credits

Both Publishing and Hosting credits are based on AppyAds Tokens (APPY), which are a cryptocurrency created by AppyAds on the Ethereum blockchain. In the simplest terms, you must have publishing credits in order to publish ad campaigns and you are awarded hosting credits when ads are published on websites or mobile apps that you own.

Note: If you have AppyAds tokens, but cannot see them in your Ethereum wallet, please check out these instructions on how to add the AppyAds Token to your wallet.

Publishing Credits

In order to promote your ad campaigns across the AppyAds network of websites and mobile applications, you will need some publishing credits in your AppyAds account. To find out how many publishing credits you currently have, navigate to your Payment Preferences page and look for the publishing credit balance displayed at the bottom of the publishing section.

If you need more publishing credits in your account, click the Add tokens button next to your balance summary. You will then be able to purchase AppyAds Tokens using cryptocurrency-based payment methods.

Hosting Credits

When you’ve enabled your websites and/or mobile applications by embedding the AppyAds libraries, ads will be displayed on those platforms. You will be awarded with hosting credits for providing the publishing platforms where AppyAds campaigns are displayed. Your current hosting credits balance is always visible on your Payment Preferences page.

When you’ve accumulated at least 50,000 hosting credits, you can request a payout to receive your AppyAds (APPY) tokens. You can specify your payout preference and address details on your Payment Preferences page.

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