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AppyAds can be published on any website. If you are using WordPress, you can install the AppyAds plugin, which makes it super easy to host AppyAds on your site. If you’re not using WordPress, fear not because it’s also easy to manually insert the appropriate elements into any website.

AppyAds WordPress Plugin

Install the AppyAds WordPress plugin as described in the AppyAds Plugin section.

After you’ve installed and activated the AppyAds plugin, you can insert your ad placements wherever you desire by using either the WordPress administration panel’s Apearance->Widgets section or by using the AppyAds_Placement shortcode in any post or page. Please see the AppyAds WordPress Plugin section for more detailed information.

The AppyAds plugin makes things simpler, but if you want to know what’s going on behind the scenes, simply review the manual application section below.

Manually Apply AppyAds

Simply include the AppyAds javascript in the <head> section of your web page. Then place the AppyAds where you want them to appear in the <body> of the html document.

Include AppyAds Header Script

Within the header of the web pages you want to host AppyAds campaigns, simply include the following script:

<script src="//appyads.com/campaign-resources/?a=%my_account%"></script>


AppyAds Placements

AppyAds campaigns come in different sizes, so you will probably want to give some thought to the placements and make sure the size of the campaign fits your chosen area of the web page.

You can place one of each campaign size. Insert the following <div> tags according to your sizing requirements:

  • 160 X 80   = <div id="AppyAd_160X80"></div>
  • 160 X 160 = <div id="AppyAd_160X160"></div>
  • 160 X 600 = <div id="AppyAd_160X600"></div>
  • 180 X 60   = <div id="AppyAd_180X60"></div>
  • 180 X 180 = <div id="AppyAd_180X180"></div>
  • 300 X 250 = <div id="AppyAd_300X250"></div>
  • 300 X 600 = <div id="AppyAd_300X600"></div>
  • 728 X 90   = <div id="AppyAd_728X90"></div>
  • 764 X 400 = <div id="AppyAd_764X400"></div>
  • 970 X 90   = <div id="AppyAd_970X90"></div>
  • 970 X 250 = <div id="AppyAd_970X250"></div>


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